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Traditional German Band

The band that only plays happy music!




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In 2017 The Midwest Alphorn Retreat is planning a trip to Switzerland!!!!

Plans are underway for our group to attend the alphorn competition in Nendaz, Switzerland, July 21 -23, 2017. 

In addition, visits to other places of interest for alphorn players and spouses will be planned. 

Housing, transportation and all expenses are to be handled by each participant. 

As always, the group will be lead by our fearless leader, Dr. Peggy DeMers.

Invitations to join our group at the competition will be offered to everyone (and their spouse)

who has attended one of the past eight annual Midwest Alphorn Retreats.

If you are interested in participating, email John Griffith at alphornjohn@yahoo.com.

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to see pictures of past

Midwest Alphorn Retreats.


Alphorngruppe "Alpentraum"

A very special feature of Ein Prosit is our Alphorn Section.  

We have fourteen alphorn players!  This is the largest known Alphorn Ensemble in North America.

We are proud to feature Alphorngruppe "Alpentraum" with the Ein Prosit Band at all our events and festivals.

Actually, they all play brass instruments in the Ein Prosit Band! 

The group performs traditional music from Germany and other alpine countries. 

They perform in lederhosen and always have room for an extra pint of beer!

Alphorngruppe "Alpentraum" also performs independently


Hear and see us perform live on the tabs below!


"Isabella Polka" performed live at the 2011 Soulard Oktoberfest


"Cuckoo" performed live at the 2011 Soulard Oktoberfest


TV Interview from Fox TV 2 in St. Louis, MO





                                 2009 Downtown Disney           

                                 Anaheim, CA                     

2010 Downtown Disney

Anaheim, CA

         2011 Soulard Oktoberfest                                     

                 St. Louis, MO                                  


You can find photos of our Alphorn ensemble, Alphorngruppe "Alpentraum" throughout our photo gallery.

You can meet individual players and read group history at www.alphorngruppe.com.

For information contact John Griffith at alphornjohn@yahoo.com or call (269) 342-0059.


Ein Prosit - "A toast to you"!  

Last updated 08/06/2016

Christine Griffith, webmaster

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